Artificial Intelligence, a large European commitment

European representatives have already been working for long on the future challenges of research, and social and business applications. The idea is to strengthen the European research ecosystem in the areas that are considered key, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). The European Union prioritizes application in areas of public interest such as health, transport and mobility, security and energy; this cross-disciplinary approach focuses on areas identified as key.

  •  Maximization of investments through associations, to boost the low level of investment, in comparison to other parts of the world, such as China and United States. To this end, the European Union will designate up to 20.000 million euros in public and private investments for research and innovation in AI and more than 20 thousand million euros each year in public and private investments, over the next decade.

This maximization implies joint actions, such as the alignment of different national strategies, the creation of new public-private European AI Associations, a new fund for AI that will support new businesses, innovative and recently created enterprises focused on AI and Blockchain as well as enterprises in the phase of expansion, and the development and connection of leading, world-scale AI centres.

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