The importance of entities focused on the development of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has made possible some major innovations, including self-driven cars, image processing and clinical diagnostics, these have changed our lives in many ways but they have also brought significant productivity gains on an extra economic level.

Thanks to this, public institutions can play an important role in the increase of productivity gain derived from the implementation of artificial intelligence. Institutions such as our AIR-Institute, can stimulate the investment in research and the deployment of artificial intelligence, eliminating barriers that stop enterprises and organizations from adopting new technologies, including the promotion of adequate education and training systems that will offer life learning opportunities. 

We have already said in this blog that the scale of investments and their positive indirect effects, justify the intervention at the level of the European Union. Also, the European Commission has increased its investments in the frame of the research and innovation program, Horizon 2020, to 1.500 million euros for the period 2018 – 2020. It is also hoped that the European Fund for Strategic Investments will provide more than 500 million euros in the total investments for 2020 to support newly created businesses and those that have already been consolidated businesses in the investment in artificial intelligence within a wide range of key sectors.  

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