Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

We live in a time of ongoing technological progress where artificial intelligence plays a key role. We are all aware of the rapid pace at which this technology has spread worldwide, and the bulk of research in this field is continuing to grow exponentially.

However, if we consider the ethics involved in the application of this technology, we realize that much is yet to be done. In the words of Maria de Klejin-Lloyd, senior vice president of analytical services at Elsevier, at the last Science|Business conference, "I had hoped to be here today and tell you about the wealth of scientific research that’s being done on ethics and AI. But I can’t. Because we found very little."

On the occasion, De Klejin-Lloyd presented the results of the study on trends in the publication and use of academic studies on AI. According to the report, published in December, only about 0.4% of the key search words had any real influence on ethics, and their use was limited to teaching materials and the media.

The divided opinions on this clearly important matter are indicative of the need for further study of ethics in AI research and should not be interpreted as a need for further regulation.

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