The Commission will support Masters and PhD students of Artificial Intelligence

According to the Coordinated Artificial Intelligence Plan (COM (2018) 795, 7.12.2018): "The Commission will support Master's and PhD AI students through closer cooperation between AI centres of excellence, and, more broadly, between the research and innovation programmes of the European Union".

This underscores the Union's determination to take this technology forward, which is so important for the European industry. Although this will take time, many new initiatives are aimed at improving the skills of students interested in AI. Several summer school are going to be held, some of them will not only focus on AI but also on machine learning or deep learning, which is a clear example of how the Union reinforces its commitment to AI through university education. For example, this year there are at least two international summer schools on deep learning in Poland: in Gdansk, July 1 - 5, and in Warsaw, July 22 - 26,

The possibility of fostering skills in artificial intelligence is very important to many companies and organisations, thus, the organisation of different meetings and events on the European territory is crucial. We invite you to follow the key events at

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