AI Talent in Europe

There is a growing need for European talent in Artificial Intelligence, as evidenced by the birth of the Digital Opportunity Traineeships programme which aims to help up to 6,000 students develop their digital skills in a different European Union country each year, between 2018 - 2020. The program in question is part of, an entity that provides an integrated market that aims to connect the institutions that offer internships to students and students looking for an internship opportunity abroad.

Undoubtedly, programmes such as the one described here are becoming essential for the development of a more attractive artificial intelligence environment capable of retaining talent in Europe. It will be impossible for Europe to compete with other countries if it is not capable of retaining Artificial Intelligence professionals. It should also encourage investment and attract the top Artificial Intelligence experts.

AI Talent in Europe

It is striking that youth unemployment remains high and that there are currently almost 3 million job offers on EURES (European Job Mobility Portal).

At AIR Institute we make evident our commitment to supporting employment in the area of information technology, especially with open calls for DeepLearning and Machine Learning professions, Blockchain Engineers or Senior Data Scientists.

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