Spanish strategy for artificial intelligence

Europe's aspiration regarding Artificial Intelligence is clear: to become a world leader in this technology by implementing cutting-edge technology that is ethical and safe, while promoting a people approach in a global context.

The Spanish Artificial Intelligence Strategy is clear in its recommendations. In the first place, the Delegate Commission for Scientific, Technological and Innovation Policy, agreed last December 28, 2018 for the creation of an Interministerial Working Group on AI that will respond to Artificial Intelligence as the strategic axis of Spanish society in the 21st century and that will involve competent Administrations. This recommendation to launch a national strategy for Artificial Intelligence is followed by other no less important ones, such as adding value to Artificial Intelligence in order to achieve the objectives outlined in Agenda 2030; to work on the definitive impact of Artificial Intelligence on the social and economic fabric, and one of the most ambitious goals; including Artificial Intelligence in the educational system as a lever for technological change in the country.

At IoT Digital Innovation Hub, an entity in which we act as leaders, we have a wide range of training programs, aligned specifically with each of the points of the national AI strategy. Our training programs focus mainly on Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Smart Cities or Digital Business.

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