Bitcoin, Its growth and its reality today

Since the beginning of 2019, bitcoin’s dominance on the cryptocurrency market rose to 55%, and as usual, the increase in the value of bitcoin has also caused a rise in the values ​​of the rest of the cryptocurrency segment: in CoinMarketCap the vast majority of securities have grown in the last hours.

Nonetheless, the media around the world did not foresee those figures. On the contrary, in the last few days the news gave negative information about the cryptocurrency market, such as the piece on the Tether cryptocurrency, which stated that the currency is backed by real cash only in 74%.

This cryptocurrency is one of those known as stablecoins, whose value is given in terms of legal currency or gold, which theoretically gives them lower volatility and a certain level of confidence. However, the Attorney General of New York is investigating the Bitfinex and Tether cryptocurrencies for alleged fraud.

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