Ethics in Artificial Intelligence


When we touch upon the topic of Artificial Intelligence, its future and how it will transform the world, we must be aware of the fact that artificial intelligence does not make its own decisions, it is the people who decide to make AI responsible for decision-making.

In view of this, we share some reflections with you on the ethics that should be the backbone of the power of each algorithm and AI system we create. Nevertheless, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding the currently popular debate topic of whether Artificial Intelligence should be dehumanized, these issues will transcend to future generations

In addition to those unsolved issues, AI faces very controversial hypotheses every day. The height of our technology has made it possible for us to build autonomous cars but are we prepared in terms of ethics? Imagine that a person drives a car without brakes; before him the road bifurcates in two: on the left there are five people crossing the road, while on the right there is just one person. Is it lawful to kill one person to save five others? Imagine that a young man goes to a clinic for a routine check-up; in that clinic there are five patients waiting for organ transplants. In order to live, two of them need a lung, another two need kidneys and the fifth one a heart. Curiously, the young man who has gone for the check-up has the same blood group as them, which makes him the ideal donor. We repeat the question: is it lawful to kill one person to save five others?


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