Visualization is Key in giving meaning to data

Data Visualization is the process of searching, interpreting and comparing data that allows to acquire in-depth knowledge. To convey this knowledge to the user, the information must be organized in a way in which it can be easily understood. Dashboards are created to give clarity to the figures and statistics being visualized. The benefits that come from communicating the meaning hidden behind those numbers are such that this modality of visualizing the so-called Big Data has become popular in the media and is frequently employed by financial entities, private initiatives or centers of scientific research etc.

We are normally capable of acquiring much more knowledge from a simple histogram than we are from “raw data”, where even trivial information often goes unnoticed, but to what extent do data visualizations really affect our decisions?

Visualization is Key in giving meaning to data

Data visualization is the final task that makes worthwhile the lengthy process of data collection and processing. It helps inexperienced users understand complex information, which they are then able to consider when taking a decision. As mentioned before, it is a means by which the meaning of figures can be conveyed easily.

Since the human factor always affects the result, we wonder if eventually data scientists will come up with a Data visualization code?

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