The social impact of AI

AI has become an important means of cultural and social cooperation. The importance of the field of social entrepreneurship grows each year. New technologies have made it possible to reach out to many people at the same time and to achieve a big-scale impact.

In Rome’s most multicultural neighborhood,Torpignattara, an open source application has been developed as part of a social education program which allows children, adults, creators, artists, technologists and humanists to conceive and design all types of art using technology. Design interventions, educational projects, games, services and archives are all enabled by AI and there is much more that can be done when an infrastructure of this type is available in a territory.

In addition, the system uses AI to create semantic databases so the neighbours of the area can communicate in more than 50 languages. Some institutions are documenting the benefits that this new AI initiative is bringing to the neighborhood, helping its habitants to identify and communicate important topics and to find a way to deal with them.


This open source platform is called Her