Artificial Intelligence in the fight against Coronavirus

IBM has made its Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools available to researchers fighting COVID-19.

This tech company offers an AI-based search engine that contains open data collected from COVID-19 research, making it possible for researchers to access the information they need.

A large cloud-based repository will provide immediate information on genes, proteins, and viral or bacterial molecules that can aid in drug development, testing, and ultimately in the treatment of the disease.

The interface of this large genome platform, which until now has only been accessible to governments and specialized academic institutions, will now be free of charge and accessible to scientists that study the pandemic.

IBM has generated a framework for research into the virus, with its Artificial Intelligence resources, it is capable of rapidly generating new peptides, proteins and possible materials and drugs. With this potential, the objective is to generate 3000 molecules that will serve as candidates for the fight against COVID-19. Thanks to IBM's resources, researchers can study them interactively to understand their relationship with the virus and to identify those that could be used to create drugs and help curb the pandemic.

The search for new drugs is based on the data generated and sorted by AI, making it possible to find treatment against new pathogens more effectively, by upgrading libraries that contain pre-existing compounds.

In addition to offering those tools, IBM has provided healthcare workers with access to all COVID-19 content on IBM's Micromedex and EBSCO's DynaMed medical decision support platforms.

At Air Institute we participate in the fight against coronavirus and we want to show our gratitude to all the companies that, like IBM, contribute to this fight with their grain of sand.