At Air Institute we use Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence in the fight against COVID-19.

Researchers at Air Institute have created a Blockchain- and AI-driven application that can predict the evolution of Coronavirus and its spread across geographical areas.

A team of 100 members is working on the development of this app, and it is led by Juan Manuel Corchado, the President of the Air Institute and by the researcher, Javier Prieto.

The project began by identifying the factors that affect the spread of the pandemic. Subsequently, data about those factors was collected and used to predict the evolution of COVID-19. Those results will help healthcare organizations take specific measures. Finally, the application will be developed and made available to the general public. Moreover, it will be capable of predicting future epidemics.

The application collects all the information on the virus and supports government and health authorities by helping them establish the correct measures, at any given time.

The artificial intelligence system of the application is based on the use of neuro-symbolic hybrids; neural networks enable deep learning while symbolic systems make it possible to express the models in human terms. A deep intelligence platform has been used to integrate this system.

As for Blockchain, it allows to create and verify digital identities, issuing permissions to go out and perform certain tasks such as shopping or going to work. Those permits would replace the current paper permissions granted by the government.

Currently, data continues to be collected and we intend to address the problem of unreliability in the data collected by different countries.

In addition to this project, professionals from ... are generating protective screens and masks for the staff working in the field hospital established in the Colegio Arzobispo Fonseca, which is a buidling of the University of Salamanca.