AIR Institute leds DIGIS3, the evolution of Digital Innovation Hubs in Castile and Leon

DIGIS3 is an initiative for the evolution of Digital Innovation Hubs in Castile and Leon, Spain. Our objective is to ensure regionals Hubs provide comprehensive support and assistance to their beneficiaries. Offering access to information, services and facilities for the Intelligent, Secure, Sustainable and Cohesive Digitalisation of the SMEs and public administration entities in the region. 

To achieve this, our activity is based on 4 principles: global sustainability, the promotion of talent and skills, the strengthening of communication to achieve capillarity throughout the region, as well as cooperation with other DIHs and institutions to promote the creation of networks and the strengthening of our capabilities.

We offer training, testing and experimentation services, support in the search for sources of funding and access to an innovation ecosystem and networks that include both national and European institutions.

The initiative is led by the AIR INSTITUTE and arises from collaboration between the Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0 - DIHBU, DIH-LEAF, the IoT DIH, the Castile and León Supercomputing Centre Foundation - SCAYLE, the University of León and the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León - ICE.

We mainly work with Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputing, and we are experts in the Internet of Things, Big Data, Blockchain, 5G, additive manufacturing and Robotics. Our aim is to help companies in our region to transition towards Industry 4.0, and towards smart agriculture, smart territories and smart administration.

The consortium includes the most important technological entities in the region, so we can offer support in the digital transformation of practically any sector, industry or business, whatever their needs may be. 

Why we need DIHs?

Digital Innovation Hubs or Digital Innovation Centres are one of the European Commission's main tools for achieving the objectives set out in its digitalisation strategy. DIHs are important primarily because of the difficulty of managing a territory as extensive and diverse as Castile and Leon. 

Covering an area of 95,000 square kilometers, we are one of the largest regions in Europe, even larger than 17 member states, and the largest autonomous community in Spain. However, with 2.5 million inhabitants, we have the lowest population density in the country: only 25 inhabitants per square kilometre compared to the national average of 94.

We also have the largest number of municipalities in the country: 2,248 spread over 9 provinces... that's 36% of the national total!

In addition, there is a large gap in the distribution of wealth across regions. Although the GDP per capita is 24,886 euros, 94% of the national average and 86% of the European average, the per capita income of the poorest province is 67% of the richest one.

It is therefore necessary that we all join forces to ensure that the digital transformation reaches all corners of our region equally. 

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