AIR -Institute participates in TETRAMAX program

TETRAMAX is a leading European digitization powerhouse, aimed at industries oriented towards IT customization.  AIR-Institute has decided to participate in this initiative to foster all kinds of technological advances. TETRAMAX plays an essential role as a center of digital innovation, as it provides excellent assistance and support in relation to numerous aspects.

The program is associated with medical development, cybersecurity, energy efficiency and agricultural innovation, which all greatly benefit society. It focuses on both individual consumption and production, and on company level. 

The project through which we participate in the TETRAMAX is called PROMIoTOR and one of its main objectives is cultivation, be it olive, vineyards, cereals, among others. The intention is that, through Internet of Things devices, a platform dedicated to Smart Farming will be created and will also address issues such as carbon footprint, water use, land treatment, people's health, etc. PROMIoTOR's intention is to obtain the best yields without damaging agriculture and using the most sustainable and best quality products.

The organization in charge of being the source of funding has been the Horizon 2020 program, belonging to the European Union, which seeks to guarantee the global competitiveness of the European continent.