Mission and activity

The mission of the AIR Institute is

To promote and develop scientific research in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence.

To encourage technological innovation in the field of IT, computer science, artificial intelligence and information and communication technologies.

To transfer and valorise the knowledge in the field of IT, computer science, artificial intelligence and information and communication technologies.

To create an information society through the development of intelligent systems and advances in the field of computer science.

To promote and support entrepreneurship in the field of IT, computer science, artificial intelligence and its application in different fields.

To boost business competitiveness and internationalization though improved computer systems, intelligent systems and their application in the social and business fabric.

To contribute to the social improvement and development, particularly in the field of agriculture through promotion of projects related to information and communication technologies, focused on the application of advances in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence.

To facilitate training and professional development in the field of information and communication technologies, computer systems, intelligent systems and especially in novel and disruptive techniques and tools.

To promote activities necessary for attracting and retaining talent, within the ecosystem of technological actors in the geographical area of the institute.

To facilitate and incentivize the incorporation of new professionals from Educational Centres and Universities, to the business sector.

To boost collaboration with other public and private research centres and universities, especially those located in Castile and Leon, facilitating the establishment of agreements as well as participation in collaborative projects.

To achieve its goals, the Foundation will perform the following activities

Research, development and technological innovation activities in the field of computer science and intelligent systems. The Foundation will work on the development of methodologies, algorithms, platforms and systems whose degree of novelty and/or general relevance make them valuable. New tools, products and methodologies, particularly useful to Castile and Leon, will be created and will have a cross-sectional effect on the social and economic fabric.

Research results transfer activities, for which a collaborative tie will be established between basic and applied research, involving Castile and Leon’s productive, educative, research and social fabrics.

Promotion of international research and collaboration in all the fields of computer science and especially those that are relevant to software engineering, databases, information systems, security, artificial intelligence, operative systems, distributed systems and any other aspect related to computer science and to artificial intelligence. The Foundation will work on improving the visibility of the Autonomous Community both nationally and internationally, in the area of computer sciences and all the aspects related to artificial intelligence and its application areas.

Educational activities, focused especially on the development of specialized and quality training in the lines of research of the Foundation and on disruptive aspects, as well as those that are of particular concern for the social and business fabric of Castile and Leon. When appropriate, the Foundation will collaborate with local, national and international academic centres, with the aim of developing educative programs and creating capacity at the local level.

Creation, launching and management of new centres, who will play a prominent role in Castile and Leon, in technological development and innovation activities, knowledge transfer, entrepreneurship, business competitiveness and social development. The aim of the activities performed by the Foundation will be to empower areas of particular economic strength for Castile and Leon, to facilitate the development of socially and economically distressed areas.

Organizational and managerial activities related to transfer and valorisation of knowledge obtained from scientific and technological research, such as congresses, workshops, courses, conferences and publications in the digital media, and any other activity that may favour dissemination. Future-oriented, idea and analysis laboratories will be created and observatories will be launched in the field of computer sciences and artificial intelligence, with the objective of providing relevant information to technicians, politicians, managers and other actors of interest in this field, locally, nationally and internationally.

Provision of counselling and advisory services for Foundation purposes with the intention of boosting the social and business fabric, as well as achievement of resources and projects necessary for performing innovation and research processes in the field of computer systems, artificial intelligence and IT.

Establishment and strengthening of synergies through collaboration agreements and development of joint activities between the Foundation, the entities that integrate it and other bodies or public and private research groups.

Any other activity that the Foundation Sponsors may consider beneficial for the achievement of its goals.